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3 Day Potty Training
These tips on potty training will make it possible for your little one to be trained in 3 days! Guaranteed!
Every Human Needs Acceptance
Karen's blog...includes and artcicle that I believe is very important for everyone to read, about acceptance of others.
Positive Words
We need to do what we can to help each other have a better day, a better life...a better tomorrow.
How to Become A Better Singer
This is the ultimate how to guide for becoming a better just days
Perception Is Everything
A wonderful story of living life to the fullest and changing perception.
Autism Information-The Ultimate Autism Solution Guide
Recently I found a guide with Autism information that helps with a variety of challenges our children have daily. This has been put together with by a doctor with 20 years experience working with children with Autism.
Never, Ever Quit!
An inspirational video about overcoming adversity when it seems completely hopeless.
Monday Empower Hour LIVE Call
Live call at 9PM EST where you have an opportunity to hear from top earners in the online marketing industry
Playboy Energy Drinks Review
A review by Karen Bell on Playboy Energy drink, a new product that was created by merging with Pure NRG fx
What Is Chronic Pain?
In this blog post I share a recent tragedy in my life as a result of chronic pain, and I also share information for those who may need help.
Secrets To Leveraged Income
Mike Hobbs, Paul Hutchings, and Doc Fran share how a leveraged lifestyle can work for you in your business.
IPad Video Lessons
You made a smart decision investing your hard-earned money in your iPad. Wouldn’t it be a waste if you never use it to it’s fullest potential?
In It To Win It
In this blog post I share a personal video about how I let life and excuses get in the way of my business building.
Determined To Succeed
Life throws us these little, and sometimes big, obstacles. The only thing that makes sense if to rise above them so you can see what's on the other side. Do YOU know what's there?
Attraction Marketing Tips
Scott Zlatef shares his thoughts on attracting prospects to your business
Outsourcing, a network marketing tip from Mike Hobbs on video.
George, My Hero
Karen's blog: Hoping to spread Autism Awareness and Acceptance
#1 Key To Auto-Pilot Signups Revealed
Mike Hobbs & Paul Hutchings talk about making money on auto-pilot while vacationing with friends and family.
12 Year Old Boy Makes 12K in 4 Months!
Watch the video of this amazing boy!
Happy Father's Day
Karen's blog with a cute video of father and daughter singing together, a tribute to all the dads.
A Day In The Life Of Mike
Karen's blog... striving to create value for you.
Daily Life With An Autistic Child
In my video I tell a story that kind of gives an idea of what it can be like when there are Autism meltdowns.
Success Online
Most people in home business are making 7 fatal mistakes that silently kill their business every day...
Money Or God? Which Would You Choose?
Mike Hobbs talks about this controversial subject in a video.